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2016-04-29 07:24 pm
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Slimming World #1

Joined last night. Love the group - it's so positive and supportive. There were almost a LOT more people than I thought, most of them my size so I didn't feel awkward. I feel very good about it, since it's not a diet but a way of life. I'm not really looking at losing weight this week, rather integrating the system into family life.

No one knows anyone else's weight. All that's given is that week's loss/gain. But for my record, my starting weight is 15 stone 8oz. My eventual goal is 10 stone.
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2016-01-11 02:38 pm
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say your right words

what are they?

what can I say to stop David Bowie being dead?

writing has been abandoned for YouTube.

will be watching Labyrinth later.
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2016-01-08 10:13 pm

Still without a title

Today's Count: 1151
WIP Total: 5101
WriYe Total: 5737

The Dietz Story is just shy of 5K now. Still without a title. Or much of a plot, to be honest. I'm writing scenes as they come to me, world-building as I go along. There isn't actually a first chapter at the moment, just a list of research notes and the few paragraphs that end it. Some might shiver at the sound of all that, but I'm having tremendous fun. Henrik and Alexia are delightful to write and I've more or less forgiven him for crashing into my brain.
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2015-12-13 05:57 pm

Wriye 2016: WIMs

First of the Stone & Waters series. After the murder of her PI boss, Jade Waters searches for the killer on one hand while dealing with a charming con artist on the other. But when her ex boss' mission can't be completed by anyone else but him, she might just need the mysterious Xander's help.

When an experimental spaceflight goes very wrong, a team of convicts are put together in order to rescue them. It ought to be a simple task, but the dangers of void space, coupled with the nefarious plans of one of the crew, endanger not just their lives, but those of the crew they're trying to save.

Post-apocalyptic weird western fantasy romance.